Buy Aquamaster AMS 900 HE Water Softener Free Shippin

Aquamaster AMS 900 HE Water Softener Free Shipping


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Aquamaster AMS 900 High Efficiency Water Softener

Perfect for your family when you have a limited amount of space available. Model #WD AMS900 is only 31” tall!

Great for up to family of 6 with 30gpg of hardness.  Can be used on municipal or well water.

  • Made in USA
  • Uses about ½ of the salt and about ¼ of the water per regeneration  compared to other water softeners
  • KDF media improves the taste and eliminates odor from your water
  • Improves the taste and eliminates odour from your water 
  • Removes THM and TCEs from your water.
  • Power Cell backup to retain settings during power interruptions
  • Complete with installation kit and easy DIY installation instructions.
  • Compact size, only 31" tall by 15" wide by 19" deep

 *Great News!  You can Mix & Match ALL Water Softeners, Tannin, Automatic Backwashable, Iron and Sulphur Filters to take Advantage of our Quantity Breaks Pricing!

Product Number WD AMS900

Download Brochure Here

Download Manual Here 

Lisa Wood

Lisa from Penetanguishene says this about her Aquamaster AMS 700 "... it is already proving to be one of the best investments we could have made..."

Frank Pelligrino

  When Frank from Tiny Township talks about his Aquamaster AMS 700 he says “We are very pleased with our water softener. No more white encrusted taps and fixtures. The water feels wonderful when having a shower and the laundry is brighter! Wish we had got a water softener years ago."


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