CUNO/Water Factory Original  Membrane 66-4706G2

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CUNO/Water Factory Original Membrane 66-4706G2

  • The CUNO Water Factory 66-4706G2 replaces the CUNO Water Factory 66-4703G2 discontinued reverse membrane.  
  • This translucent film is made from thin composite material (TFC), which efficiently removes chlorinated or nonchlorinated substances from the water.
  • This CUNO Water Factory 66-4706G2 reverse osmosis membrane is for use with CUNO SQC 2 HF, CUNO SQC 3 HF, CUNO SQC 4 HF, and CUNO SQC PRO.
  • The CUNO 66-4706G2 ships with a new SFC tube.
  • CUNO Model 66-4706G2 RO membrane module provides the means of separating fresh, clean drinking water from everyday tap water.
  • Reduces total dissolved solids, lead, cysts (Crytosporidia and Giardia), barium, radium and selenium.
  • 33 Gallon Per Day TFC Membrane.  
  • If you are not sure if it is time to replace your RO membrane we suggest you test the water's TDS with this test meter.
  • Typically RO membranes last from 3-7 years.

Product Number R/O 66-4706G-2

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