Desal Std Residential Membrane GE TFM-36 Part #1220190

GE Osmonics

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Desal Standard Residential Membrane GE TFM-36, DESAL 36 GPD TFC-DRY Part #1220190

  • Unlike conventional filtration which can be maintenance-intensive, costly, and environmentally unfriendly, membrane-separation technology employs crossflow filtration where captured impurities on the membrane are constantly swept away by the concentrate stream.
  • Membrane surface is continuously cleaned, prolonging the life of the membrane and reducing maintenance costs.
  • RO membranes are used to purify varying qualities of saline water.
  • The appropriate RO membrane element is housed inside a pressure vessel that accepts inflowing, pressurized saline feedwater.
  • Crossflow filtration across the membrane then divides the flow into two outflow streams: the cleansed permeate feed and the concentrate or reject stream.

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